Cast of The Goon Show

Wally Stott

  • Full name: Angela Morley
  • Born: 10th March 1924
  • Died: 14th January 2009

Wally Stott was born in Sheffield, England. He was the musical director, composer and conductor of the house band. They performed the shows introduction and end, musical themes and comedic instrumental parts. He was occasionally replaced by Bruce Campbell.

During the 50s, 60s and into the 70s, Wally Stott was a highly respected conductor, arranger and composer on the UK music scene. Amongst other things, Wally wrote the theme for Hancocks Half Hour and composed the music for several movies including the score for the animated film "Watership Down".

Stott underwent sexual reassignment surgery in the 1970s and became Angela Morley. She was awarded 3 Emmys for her work in television musical scoring. Angela Morley died in Scottdale, Arizona in January 2009.