Links to Other Websites

Here is a list of other Goon Show related sites...


The Goon Show Depository

Includes Goonography, show transcripts, forums, CDs, links and much more.

The Goon Show Preservation Society

Home of The Goon Show Preservation Society - funny that!!!

The Goons Shows from Home

Comparative analysis of the extant broadcast shows and written scripts, with notes and citations.

BBC Radio 4 Extra - Goon Show Broadcasts

A digital radio station which broadcasts episodes every Monday and makes them available online thoughout the week.

The Goon Show Liberation Army

Funny site with lots of sound clips.

U.S. Goon Show Archives

The american arm (and leg) of The Goon Show Preservation Society.

The Goon Show - A Quick Guide

General overview and lots of short sound clips. - Buy Goon Shows Online

Buy Goon Shows on cassette or CD - Worldwide delivery.

ABC Radio National - Goon Show Broadcasts

Episodes are broadcast at 5.30am every Friday in Australia.

The Goon Show LIVE!

Australian stage show based upon orginal Goon Show broadcasts.

Other Recommended Sites:

Goon Show Listings

Great listing of shows, recordings and scripts.


Searchable list of comedy sites, listing every type of humour you can imagine.

Peter Sellers fan site with pictures and sounds and a great filmography.

Official Peter Sellers Site

Contains a biography, news, pictures and film listings.


Great site dedicated to 1950's British television and radio nostalgia.

I Told You I Was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan

A fun, attractive and in-depth site about the master Goon.

What time is it Eccles?

Find out exactly what time is written on Eccles' piece of paper.

The Q Series

A tribute to Spike Milligan's Q Series